Ben Lowy

Photojournalist. Visual Storyteller. Chameleon.

The grandson of Holocaust survivors, Ben grew up wanting to better understand the hate and rage that leads to war.  To do that, he got as close as he could, embedding alongside the soldiers he covered. His images of Iraq were named some of the most iconic of the 21st century, but they didn’t come without a cost.  Surviving three bomb blasts and the everyday stresses of working and surviving inside a war zone left him with a serious case of PTSD. Committing to his craft, raising his boys, and partnering in work and life with his wife Marvi helped him readjust to everyday life. Ben and Marvi often take their sons on the road to feed their curiosity. In “Back to the Mara,” they introduce the boys to the country that inspired their professional collaboration over ten years ago. This time around—with support from NatGeo Wild—Kaleb, 7 and Mateo, 9, led the way. The parents had front row seats to the boys’ exploration and discovery. The boys who are energetic, curious, and talkative, asked about nature, life, and everything else in between. The film won 7 Telly awards and the Wild to Inspire award at the Sun Valley Film Festival.

Ben’s award-winning work from Iraq, Darfur, and Afghanistan has been exhibited worldwide, including at the Tate Modern, SF MOMA, Houston Center for Photography, Invalides, and Arles. Today, in addition to his news and documentary work, he focuses on helping companies, organizations, and individuals harness the power of storytelling in their lives and work.

Photos: courtesy Ben Lowy

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When Risk is the Only Option

Join this award-winning photographer/filmmaker couple as they tell stories of tribulation and reinvention in their evolving careers. Follow Ben from his years as one of the youngest photojournalists on the frontlines of Iraq and Afghanistan, surviving three bomb blasts in Iraq and a beating in the streets of the West Bank, through his difficult re-entry fraught with PTSD, to his personal reinvention as a world-class—and very funny—sports, politics, and underwater photographer. Hear how Marvi abandoned a promising career as a Getty photojournalist to battle depression by founding an online community called 1in20, then recreated herself as an advertising director and producer of short videos featuring her family. By embracing changes in themselves, constant disruption in the marketplace, and the evolution of technology, these two Sony Artisans have adapted at every turn to stay ahead of the game and leave their unique mark on the world. (presented together with Marvi Lacar, or solo)

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