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Adventurer Ben Moon on the Upside of Battling Cancer and the Power of Canine Companions

Updated: Aug 2, 2022

It has been more than 18 years since Ben’s fierce battle with cancer began. Now, he shares his personal story of the difficult journey he took after surgery and chemo, learning how to manage his new reality and work his way back to climbing, surfing, and living life on his own terms as an athlete and an artist.

Excerpt from the recent Men’s Journal interview with Ben on the question of how he made the decision to expand his wildly popular and resonant short film Denali into an autobiography: “The unexpected success of the short film definitely changed my life in many ways. I’m a relatively private person, so having my personal story go viral with every media outlet contacting me, news trucks idling outside my house, and even Oprah sharing it was a wild experience. The thousands of messages from viewers that followed made me realize if I were to share a deeper version of my story, it had to be in my own words.”

Courtesy: Men’s Journal

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