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When the status quo no longer makes sense, recreate the model.  Sheila Ardalan did just that. After two decades of growing business for law firms from Washington, DC, to Los Angeles, Sheila grew tired of coming up against an archaic system designed to keep distance between the client and firm and place limitations on the types of services being offered, prohibiting true partnership.  So, what did she do? She pulled a Jerry McGuire; walked out with the goldfish and a handful of attorneys and set about to build a firm for the 21st Century.  

Enter Los Angeles-based Levato Law, a firm with zero hierarchy that puts its clients’ needs in the driver’s seat, servicing cases from inside the house when the core competency is under its roof, through external firms when needed, and by leveraging its vast network, making strategic introductions to support its clients’ growth.  Angeleno magazine named Sheila one of the “Dynamic Women of Los Angeles” in 2019. As Founder and Chief Client Officer, for Levato Law, Sheila opens each client relationship with the simple question, “How may we serve?” Levato’s blue-sky response to the many answers this question prompts is what sets it apart as a beacon for service in a modern world that no longer operates well in silos. Today, Sheila and her team support the growth of a wide range of businesses, from organic food start-ups in funky warehouse districts to Fortune 500 companies, to LA’s burgeoning sports industry. 

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