Lynsey Addario

Photojournalist. MacArthur Genius Grantee. Pulitzer Prize Winner.

Lynsey Addario has covered every major conflict and humanitarian crisis of her generation, including Afghanistan, where she made three separate trips before 9/11, Iraq, Darfur, Libya, Syria, Lebanon, South Sudan, Somalia, and the Congo.  For her unparalleled coverage, she has earned nearly every major award in photojournalism, from the 2009 Pulitzer Prize for International Reporting (shared with The New York Times team that published “Talibanistan” in the New York Times Magazine) and the Overseas Press Club’s Oliver Rebbot award for “Best Photographic Reporting from Abroad.” She has been awarded a MacArthur Fellowship to support her work and has been nominated for an Emmy Award for her contributions to “The Displaced,” a series that examined the lives of three refugee children displaced by war in Syria, Ukraine and South Sudan.

She recently spent three years documenting Paralympian athlete Marieke Vervoort’s highly publicized battle for her Right to Die, in a New York Times feature story.  In its Times Insider, The New York Times turned its lens on Lynsey, to bear witness to the personal toll that coverage took on her. Lynsey also commits time to raise awareness of maternal mortality in the developing world.

In March 2011, while on assignment in Libya for The New York Times, covering the fighting between dictator Moammar Gadhafi's troops and rebel forces, Lynsey and three fellow journalists were stopped, taken out of their vehicle, pushed face-down into the dirt, tied up and taken hostage for a week.  She had already been kidnapped once, in Fallujah, Iraq, in 2004. Oprah named Lynsey to her Power List for the “Power of Bearing Witness” and American Photo magazine named her one of the five most influential photographers of the past 25 years because of how she “changed the way we saw the world’s conflicts.”

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It's What I Do

Why would anyone willingly plunge headfirst into the war-torn areas of Afghanistan, Darfur, or Libya? For photojournalist Lynsey Addario, the short, simple answer is also the title of her memoir: It’s What I Do. In focusing on humanitarian and human-rights issues, Lynsey has built her career by capturing powerful images in dangerous environments around the world. Despite death threats and kidnappings, she continues photographing pivotal subjects for National Geographic, the New York Times, and TIME. Join the Pulitzer Prize-winning photojournalist as she chronicles her harrowing work and explains what drives her—despite having a family—to keep going back.

Photos: courtesy Lynsey Addario

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