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Longevity Wellness

  • Andy Katz




    Photography has taken Andy around the world multiple times, from the skeleton coasts of Namibia, through Eastern Europe and its ancient Jewish cultures, deep inside the most exclusive wineries in the world, and through the heart of Rock & Roll.

  • Me Ra Koh


    Risk Taker.


    Find out why Oprah, Kelly & Ryan, and Disney can’t get enough of Me Ra Koh. Through photos, stories and laughter, Me Ra pairs creativity with the guts to thrive despite failure and rejection, inspiring her audiences to achieve the impossible.

  • Marvi Lacar


    Community Builder.

    Visual Storyteller.

    Marvi turned her journey through depression into 1in20, an online mental health initiative aimed at destigmatizing mental illness through creative storytelling. Lately, she's been celebrated for interpreting the world through the eyes of her two boys.

  • Ben Lowy


    Visual Storyteller.


    The grandson of Holocaust survivors, Ben always wanted to understand the hate that leads to war, so he got as close as he could, embedding alongside soldiers in Iraq. Today he channels that passion into documentary work and storytelling for brands from Apple to Adidas.

  • David McLain


    Blue Zones Documentarian.

    Brand Wizard.

    In his longest-running project, David travels alongside author Dan Buettner to discover and document what diet and lifestyle habits the longest-lived people in the world share – oceans apart – that help them live active, healthy lifestyles past 100.

  • Ben Moon




    Ben’s breakout short film Denali--a love letter to the dog that explored the planet with him as he worked and played, then laid by his side through his battle with cancer--chronicles one perfect afternoon as the film’s namesake neared the end of his life.

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