Where Do We Begin?


Our Mission

To elevate the conversation, foster community, and spark creativity, by amplifying the voices and sharing the bold ideas of these original thinkers.

Deborah Benson

Hello! I'm Deborah Benson and I created this firm to share some of the best ideas and brightest lights I've discovered in the past 20 years, working closely with National Geographic explorers, scientists, engineers, photographers, filmmakers, and writers as they studied the past and explored new frontiers in order to move us forward thoughtfully and to preserve and protect our wild planet for a more sustainable future. Through these partnerships and collaboration with TED and Sony, I have encountered a wide range of original thinkers—people living life on their tiptoes, determined to make their time count, and to help us become inspired leaders and thoughtful stewards. Curious about their best ideas for the future?



IN-Q on stage in Los Angeles and at the mic, courtesy IN-Q; Underwater, Ben Lowy; Deborah, Michael Faye


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