Me Ra Koh

Photographer. Risk Taker.  Activator.

Me Ra Koh grew up being told she was worthless and the cause of all her father’s problems.  By eighteen she was suicidal and living out of her car in Seattle parking lots.  At nineteen, she was committed to a psychiatric ward.  Find out why Oprah, Disney, Kelly Ripa, Ryan Seacrest, and Sony can’t get enough of Me Ra today.  Through her unbelievable story of triumph, this best-selling author and photographer ignites the power of storytelling in us all. You will laugh, maybe cry, but most of all, get ready to experience transformation.  

Me Ra is a transplant from Seattle based in Dallas, TX.  She and her husband own Me Ra Koh Portraits, a studio that helps families discover and celebrate what means most with the ones they love.  She has a daily show on Disney Junior inspiring creativity in families and is a reoccurring guest expert on Live with Kelly and Ryan.  The author of five non-fiction books and a master of reinvention, Me Ra is currently working on a magical fantasy, slow-burn romance novel.  She and her husband have two teenagers they have raised to embrace life and travel, and her dad is now one of her biggest fans.

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Me Ra’s stories transform the discouraged and fearful.  She sets in motion the tenacity to push past fear and doubt to achieve the vision her audiences have for their careers and their relationships.  Through engaging keynotes and workshops, she explores these core themes:

-The Value of Rejection

-The Power to Pivot

-Overcoming Fear, Doubt, and Guilt

-Conquering Perfectionism

-Reconciling Families

-Creativity Develops Courage, Courage Produces Confidence

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