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Denali hits the shelves!

Some stories touch our core and demand our full attention, reminding us what matters most. The short film Denali is one of those stories. If - like me - you sobbed like a baby when you first watched the film, then sent it to every dog lover in your life with the words "MUST WATCH," you were probably also left with the pervasive feeling that you wanted to know more...

Was this Denali's actual last day? What about his cool owner, Sony Artisan/Photographer Ben Moon? Was he still sick? Did he get another dog? Well, we're in luck! Ben expanded Denali's story into an extremely intimate book that shares his journey with us - from his early struggles navigating society as an empath, through the discovery of his life's greatest passions: climbing and photography, his journey to becoming one of the world's most sought-after adventure photographers, adopting Denali and the golden hours they spent together exploring the mountains and the edge of the Pacific, through Ben's nagging health issues that ended up being colorectal cancer, and how Denali helped Ben navigate the difficult road back to physical health and a healthy state of mind, just in time to face his own health battle.

I was fortunate enough to review an advance copy and it is such a wonderful read! Whether you are a gentle soul; you love dogs, adventure, photography, the sensation of being fully alive; or you're willing to take the biggest risk of all - loving another being with your whole heart - this book is for you. Bravo, Ben! Available wherever books are sold. #denalibook


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