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Eric Corey Freed

Organic Architect. Thought Leader. Fixer.

Eric Corey Freed

U.S. Green Building Council certified LEED Fellow Eric Corey Freed is an award-winning architect, author, and recognized pioneer in the traditions of Organic Architecture, first developed by Frank Lloyd Wright. As Senior Vice President of Sustainability for the global architecture firm CannonDesign, he leads the healthcare, education, and commercial teams toward creating better and higher performing buildings for over 15 million square feet a year. For two decades, he was Founding Principal of organicARCHITECT, a visionary design leader in biophilic and regenerative design.

Eric brings to the stage a unique combination of practical experience, academic research, and thought leadership. He’s authored 11 books on sustainable design, has been featured in media ranging from the New York Times and CNN to HGTV, Good Morning America and Sundance Channel, and facilitated sustainable design workshops and discussions for more than 300,000 people. A practicing architect with an emphasis on urban design, Eric has contributed to the design of more than 40 LEED and net-zero projects, consulted on one hundred more, and been named one of the 10 Most Influential Green Architects. He has helped thousands of companies monetize sustainability by showing them how to cut their real estate operations costs in half. Companies like Autodesk, Pixar, Apple and Lowes have hired Eric to help them incorporate deeper sustainability into their businesses.

Considered a leader in the field, Eric was named by San Francisco Magazine "Best Green Architect" in 2005; "Best Visionary" in 2007; and "Green Visionary" by 7x7 Magazine in 2008. In 2012, he was named "Top 10 Most Influential Green Architects." In 2017, he was named one of Build's American Architecture Top 25 and the following year, Fixr’s Top 200 Influencers in the Construction Industry.

His deep passion and commitment to making “every building a green building” inspires audiences of all types to change how they look at their buildings, their facilities and the world at large. Eric points out that going green also makes good business sense, since these practices are proven to cut your facility operation costs in half, lower your liabilities, and increase your profit margins, while cultivating community.

Eric Corey Freed

Designing for the Post-Carbon Economy: It's Zero or Nothing

Even if every new building were to obtain LEED Platinum certification, it wouldn't reduce our current carbon emissions. In truth we need to focus on making all buildings be net zero energy, net zero water and net zero carbon, including our existing ones. The next generation of buildings can't simply continue trying to be "less bad" or make us feel guilty for our lifestyles. What is needed are living, regenerative buildings that do no harm and repair the damage we've done. In this talk we will explore new models for how to transform our buildings into living habitats.

Customize for your audience, based on these topics:

  • Green Building for Dummies

  • Monetizing Carbon

  • Using Nature’s Technologies

  • Biomimicry & Biophilia

  • Retail & Hospitality Innovations

  • Hidden Lessons of Green, Sustainable Schools

  • Neighborhood Redevelopment Workshop

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