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Me Ra Koh

Rising Phoenix. Disney's Photo Mom. Believer.

Me Ra Koh

Find out why Oprah, Kelly Ripa, Ryan Seacrest, and Disney can’t get enough of Sony Artisan, Photographer, and Speaker Me Ra Koh. Through compelling stories and humility, Me Ra shares her unique path to success and inspires her audiences to achieve the impossible.  

Me Ra grew up being told she was worthless and the cause of all her father’s problems. As a freshman in college, she was suicidal and living out of her car in Seattle parking lots. At nineteen, she was committed to a psychiatric ward.

Through her gripping stories of challenge and triumph, this bestselling author and master photographer shares the tools she has used each time to navigate the path forward and reach a broader audience. You will laugh, cry, but most of all, you will experience transformation. 

 One of the tools Me Ra shares is the art of active listening, and how—especially in these divided times—it holds the power for breakthrough understanding and empathy.  She also shares strategies for how to stand out in an oversaturated market and for tapping the resilience in your team, your family, and your community to thrive.

Me Ra and her husband and business partner Brian Tausend own FIORIA, a luxury portrait studio specializing in documenting and celebrating resilience in families and individuals in their unique, present moments. They refer to their clients—who travel to their studio in Dallas, TX from across the US—as Rising Phoenixes. They also conduct wildly popular photographic workshops worldwide, from Thailand to Tuscany.

Me Ra spends a fair amount of time in front of the camera, as well.  She hosts  a daily show that inspires creativity in preschoolers and their parents, on Disney Junior, and she is a recurring guest expert on Live with Kelly and Ryan. Me Ra has written six non-fiction books that inspire the soul and celebrate the art of photography. She and Brian have two children in college and her dad is now one of her biggest fans.

Me Ra Koh

"I had the opportunity to hear Me Ra Koh's presentation Transforming Culture Through Active Listening and it was both powerful and life changing.  The best part was watching the facial expressions and responses of the other people in the room.  Me Ra's presentation not only touched me, it touched everyone.  Easily one of the best presentations I have ever seen."  -Tom Ziglar, CEO of Zig Ziglar Corporation.

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