Strengthen Your Speaking Skills

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Photo: Rebecca Hale

 Kevin Fedarko and Pete McBride onstage at Grosvenor Auditorium:  courtesy Becky Hale 

Own Your Story

Regardless of your profession, cultivating your speaking voice and crafting your story deepens your relationship with your work and prepares you to seize opportunities to amplify your personal brand. 

  • Creatives: The stage gives you the platform to become your own editor--to share your backstory and to reveal what drives you.

  • Executives/Trade Professionals: Speaking enables you to further humanize your work, to demonstrate a vision, and to start a compelling conversation.

  • Scientists/Engineers: Talks are an opportunity to add context to your work, to share it with non-academic audiences and to further develop your voice.

  • Adventurers: The stage lets you weave together multiple expeditions and share the reasons why you go, inviting the audience into your adventure.

Popular Presentation Formats



Award Ceremonies
Book Tours
Media Interviews



Panel Discussions
Board Presentations



Speaker Series
Conference Keynotes
TED Talks


"Our stories will outlive us. Let's make them good."
- Neil Gaiman